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By | December 22, 2015

Just wait a moment and stay here! You will get more to read about warranty certificate here as well as a ready to use warranty certificate template to design warranty certificates for your products by your own hand. Basically, warranty is a promise or written statement made by the maker or company to a purchaser of a particular product or service that the maker or company will be responsible for a repayment, repair or replacement of the product without charging extra cost than cost of purchase if the product or service proves faulty or unsatisfactory. It is a strategy used by most of companies and product makers to maintain quality in products as well as to give customer a relief. Warranties come with definite period of time right after the date of purchase and the customer can only get the warranty claim for the product or services in given time frame. Warranty certificates are documents sent with customers containing details and information about warranty and how to claim. Most of companies only claim warranties with presence of stamped warranty certificate provided by the seller at the time of sales. This Warranty Certificate Template will be useful for you.

About Warranty Certificate Template:

Selling goods or products with warranty certificates is a great way to keep your customers connected with company as well as to generate more. Warranty certificates are generally provided to all customers at time of sales so they can easily claim warranties regarding products without facing trouble or confusion. Warranty certificates are loaded with basic details and information about the product that limit the terms and conditions in which a maker will be obligated to rectify a problem or repairing regarding the product sold in recent days. Warranty certificate may include details such as date of sales, description of product, conditions for the warranty, validity of the warranty certificate and other essential details etc. You will find warranty card templates useful.

Warranty certificates are provided by maker or manufacturer not from the seller or distributor. If you are a new manufacturer and want to give your customers warranty certificates with products you are selling, it is best for you to make warranty certificates yourself through warranty certificate template. Utilization of the warranty certificate template reduces your efforts and worries when making warranty certificates. You can make the warranty certificate template your own in minutes by making basic changes in it such as name of the company, logo, product details and conditions for warranty etc. It will save your time and money at once.

Download Warranty Certificate Template:

Warranty Certificate Template

Warranty Certificate template 111

Warranty Certificate Template 333