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By | March 4, 2015

Before we talk about what a voucher template will have, let’s get to know about what exactly a voucher is. A voucher is nothing but a document which states the liability of one party to pay the other party in a transaction. For example when a receiver provides a voucher to the supplier of goods then it means that the receiver owes a certain amount of to the supplier for the goods supplied. Now coming to the voucher template, it generally consists of information about the date when the transaction happened, a reference number for the voucher generally known as the voucher number, the total amount of money which has to be paid, the method by which the payment is made such as cheque or cash, to whom it has to be paid to, on what account this amount is paid and the seal or signature of both the parties involved in the transaction, the voucher provider and the receiver.

A voucher can be described as a written or printed instrument that can be used to confirm some facts in business field just like a sale transaction. In some situations vouchers are documents normally used to pay for particular goods, products of services. Vouchers are different in types and used for variety of reasons. For example, discount voucher is a well known type of vouchers and customers use it to get discounted rate while buying goods or products form specified locations. Content of a voucher may include title of voucher, voucher number, monetary value, discount rate if any, name of both parties (issuer and recipient) etc. Various companies prepare voucher manually and many of them use computerized programs for this purpose.

There is variety of ways and methods available on internet to design attractive and elegant vouchers for any business or company. Some websites offer to use their online voucher templates to do so and other provide voucher templates to download in computer. Voucher template is a pre designed document with all necessary spaces that a user can use to insert personal details in order to design flawless vouchers. Once a voucher template downloaded to your computer, you will be able to customize it as per wants to give it a professional appearance. Large number of websites provide voucher templates for free that are really helpful to lessen the cost of production for small business and companies. Use appropriate voucher template while making vouchers for your business and increase productivity.

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Voucher Template

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