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By | March 2, 2014

certificate of attendance is generally provided by institutions to authenticate that you have attended a certain program or been in a certain place for the mentioned period of time. In countries such as United States and Canada, schools provide a certificate of attendance to those students who have not met the criteria to get their high school diploma but have completed their tenure until the twelfth grade. You can download Free Certificate of Attendance Template

A certificate of attendance will generally contain the name of the institution issuing the certificate, the name of the person to whom the certificate is being issued, the name of the program attended by the person such as a seminar, conference or a training course, the period of time during which the person attended the particular program and the signature or seal of the authorizing entity. A certificate of attendance acts as a proof for your claims of attending any programs for the specified period of time.

Certificate of attendance is just like an academic document that prepared and issued by academic institutes like school or college to students who have attended a certain program or academic course or been in a definite place for the specific period of time to achieve a particular goal. A certificate of attendance cannot be replacement for a high school diploma when applying for higher studies or job in a company. Contents of a certificate of attendance can be name of the institute, name of the person, title of the course or program attended by the mentioned person, period of time or duration and certification of authorized person or entity. It is an important document for the holder that is why it should be completed with lots of care and all necessary details.

A certificate of attendance can be prepared just like other academic certificates but if you wish to give an attractive and professional appearance to your certificate of attendance, you are advised to use a well made certificate of attendance template. It is a tool that enables you to design perfect certificate of attendance in short period of time. Certificate of attendance templates are designed by professionals of the same field to provide aid while making of certificate of attendance for a high school or college. A well known place to find certificate of attendance template is internet from where you can download certificate of attendance template for free without paying any single penny so go ahead and download suitable certificate of attendance template from internet for later use.

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Certificate of Attendance Template

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